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October 28, 2007
Launch of give-me-info.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my messages? To change a message you should go to 'Change Message' which can be found in the right upper corner of the website. On this page you can enter your email address after which a mail with all messages sceduled for this email address will be send to you. In this mail further information on how to change your message will be provided.

Can I disable a message without deleting it? It is currently not possible to disable a message once it has been activated. Though if you would like to achieve this, you can change your message and enter another email address. Because of this your message will be disabled until it is activated again under the new email address. But be aware, disactivated messages are automatically removed after one month.

How can this service be free? Just like many other websites on the internet has been created on a voluntary base. This means no company is responsible for it and no profit needs to be made.

Can I delete a message? Yes, you can. In order to delete a message you need to change the message first. While changing the message you will get the option to delete it.

Why is DST (summertime) not supported? DST (daylight saving time) or summertime is a system where the time is shifted 1 hour later in the summer in order to save energy. This system is used in many countries but it is not always easy to determine, for each country, when DST starts. This would make it hard and unnecessairy complicated to support this feature while the benefits are limited for So remember that you will get your messages 1 hour later in the summer.

Can I be sure to receive my message? Sadly enough you can't. Although is optimized to deliver every email as good as possible, an email can always get lost or be undeliverable due to various reasons such as a full mailbox, unreachable webserver, etc. can't guarantee to deliver every message but we sure will do our best.

I did not receive my activation mail. What now? It might happen, in rare cases, that sending an activation mail for a new message fails. In such a case you can resend the activation-mail by asking a list of all your messages at 'Change Message'. This list will also contain your activation-key.

Will I receive promotions in my inbox? No. As you can read in the terms & conditions we have committed ourselves into not sending any spam or promotions in the inbox of our users.

Should I be worried about security? Yes you should. Security is always an issue !
Though we do our best to secure all data, emails can quite easily be intercepted by hackers. Be aware of this.

My message can no longer be found. What has happened? There are 4 possibilities for why your message is nowhere to be found:
  1. Your message has been moved to another email address: you or someone else who had access to your message or inbox has changed the email address of your message. Because if this you can no longer find it.
  2. Your message has not been activated within 1 month. Every message which remains disabled for 1 month will be automatically deleted.
  3. Your message only needed to be send a limited number of times (e.g. type 'run only once') and all possible dates have elapsed. After this the message is removed automatically.
  4. You or someone else who had access to your message or inbox has deleted the message.
In all cases nothing can be done and if you would like to keep receiving your message you should recreate it.

Where can I read the latest terms & conditions? The latest terms & conditions can be found at terms.php.

Other questions? If you have any unanswered questions you can ask them at our contact page.